"SRT-Archive" offers a full range of services for document management and archives of organizations and enterprises in Ukraine.

 Starting with the work on the archival processing performed by our experienced archivists, first of all we follow the high professional level of service offered to our customers.

 Our experts will come to your office, analyze the state of affairs and evaluate the work. We pay your attention that all services for archival processing of documents are provided by government rates!

 At all stages of the work with your documents, no matter where it occurs, in the office of your company or in our archives, we always provide the highest level of confidentiality for your documents.

 Besides archiving, document processing, "SRT-Archive" offers preparation of documents for export, packing documents, binding, export documents, preparation of an act of annihilation, delivery of documents in the State. archives, document destruction. We sell special racks for archives and libraries, as well as cardboard.

 Our company also offers number of innovative services for our market: the reception of documents for off-site storage in its own archive, receiving documents for storage from organizations that are liquidated, receiving documents for storage of legal entities and law firms, document scanning and data entry, the formation of an electronic enterprise archive, backup to server of our company, development of the general concept of archiving in the organization taking into account laws and regulations.