Individual offers of the SRT archive company for accountants and financiers guarantee expenses optimization, minimization of unspecialized obligations and by doing this, these offers as well provide more additional time for more important things. By collaborating with us, you are reducing the risk of any penalties of the controlling and inspection units. We clearly guarantee confidentiality.

We are able to guarantee all mentioned above thanks to timely selection of particular cases for destruction and their legal utilization, storing your documents outside the office and providing perfect order in all your documentation.

The most current service of the SRT archive company for the accountants and financiers is the storage of bookkeeping documents. Experienced specialists will provide you with the most modern safety, registration, storage and binding technologies.

We will determine your current requirements and, according to them, will offer you the following types of storage:

-          Documents storage in special unspecified boxes with effective access to them outside your office

-          Separate archive – corporate archive organization for our customers on the territory of our archive company

-          Archive safe – is a given for rent secured archive cell for the storage of the most important documents.

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